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Introduction on how to use the ECODESIGN tools

The Institute for Engineering Design and Logistics Engineering developed ECODESIGN Software Tools for sustainable product design. By using simple examples we are demonstrating and explaining how to use the freely accessible tools in just a few steps. Join us in the search for ideas to develop environmentally conscious products!

Choose between the product improvement of following products: Packaging of a flower pot, CD cover and office chair.

For a better understanding of Ecodesign answer the questions on the bottom right side. They are connected to the product examples.

This tutorial is also available in German.

Following three examples will show you how to use the ECODESIGN tools PILOT and Assistant:

  • The small flower pot, a promotional gift, is mailed to customers together with a few sunflower seeds and has to be packaged in a material-saving but still secure manner. The optimization of the packaging is done by using ECODESIGN checklists.
  • Based on an environmental profile an office chair will be re-designed by using the ECODESIGN tools. The environmental profile of a product leads you to concrete product improvement possibilities by using the ECODESIGN PILOT.
  • The third product example is a CD cover possessing a short product lifetime. The design of the cover is a crucial distinctive feature to differentiate yourself from your competition. The optimization is done by using the ECODESIGN Assistant and PILOT.

Question: What are the goals of ECODESIGN?
Improvement of environmental performance of products
Creation of new product ideas
Cost savings
Improvement of the sustainability of the company


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