ECODESIGN Toolbox for Green Product Concepts


ECODESIGN Toolbox extension with Step 7: Environmental Communication

Do you have similar questions?

How to assess environmental impacts of a product in a practical way?
How to consider stakeholder requirements (e.g. from environmental legislation) systematically?
How to record, analyse and assess production processes?
How to derive improvement strategies from process, product and stakeholder requirements?
How to assess the improvement ideas and how to develop an eco-intelligent product?
How to communicate environmental effects of a product on market?

The ECODESIGN Toolbox provides the right answers!

The application of the ECODESIGN Toolbox allows a systematic product description and the determination of the life phase with the highest environmental impact. Product and process improvement measures can be identified with the support of the tools and realised in a Green Product Concept. There is a set of possibilities to communicate the environmental affects of the product on market.

The method was developed in two research projects in cooperation with "Fabrik der Zukunft" - BM:VIT and FFG - and extended with step 7: Environmental Communication.


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