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Courses in the summer semester



307.438 Engineering Design and Development of New Products

Subject of the course: Starting with clarifying the tasks, developing the functional structure to concept design and detailed design the different stages of product development are presented in this exercise. The focus is on the early stages of product development.

307.439 Product Development, Innovation and Ecodesign

Subject of the course: Using examples from industry the application of the methods and techniques will be demonstrated. Additionally real product developments tasks aiming at new solutions for a given problem have to be solved during that course.



Courses in the winter semester



307.463 Project Work Eco-Design/Sustainable Product Development

Subject of the course: Within this lecture the knowledge conveyed in the prevalent courses is used to apply product development in practise. A product development task will be given here and has to be solved in a team of 3 up to 5 students.

307.440 ECODESIGN Seminar

Subject of the course: An introduction to a problem solving concept regarding the integration of "environment"into product development will be given in this lecture. Starting form analysis ("where is the environmental problem of the product?") to synthesis ("how to improve a certain product?") a practical way of doing ECODESIGN will be shown.



Dissertationen, Diplom- und Masterarbeiten


Using the publication database of the TU Vienna you can gather information about completed diploma and doctor's theses. If you are interested in in writing a theses about topics such as sustainability assessment, environmental communication, Circular Econmy, product service systems, etc. contact the ECODESIGN Team.