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Research area tool and methods development

The focus of our research lies in the development of user friendly tools which are easy to understand, are applicable for specific product groups and which can directly be integrated in the product development process. Especially conducting an environmental assessment is time consuming and high quality data are needed or it is not clear which environmental aspect have to be considered in which product development step. We develop tools to overcome those burdens. 

For detailed information or inquiries please contact Dr. Rainer Pamminger.


Ongoing research projects

DUKE - Decarbonised companies through circular economy (2021-2022)

Goal: Creating a knowledge basis to reduce GHG-emissions in the production of goods effectively



4E Power Electronic Conversion Technology Annex PECTA Task B  (since 2020)

Goal: Analysis of environmental impacts of specific reference products with wide bandgap semiconductors compared to conventional Si-based semiconductor products


Completed research projects

Adaptation of the KATCH_e Webtools (2019-2020)

Goal: Methodological and content-related Adaptation of the KATCH_e Webtools to meet the needs of the packaging sector

LCA to go - Boosting Life Cycle Assessment Use in European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (2010-2014)

Goal: Developing an easy to use life cycle assessment tool for specific industries (e.g. photovoltaics)

ECODESIGN Toolbox (2006-2007)

Goal: A generally applicable methodological toolbox for green product concepts

EEE PILOT (2004-2005)

Goal: Implementation of the legal requirements from the WEEE- and RoHS-Directives into the ECODESIGN PILOT

ECODESIGN Assistant (2003-2005)

Goal: A software tool to quickly identify a products life cycle stage which is environmentally most relevant

ECODESIGN PILOT  - Product Innovation Learning and Optimization Tool (since 2001)

Goal: A software tool for implementing ECODESIGN aspects into the product development process