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Research area product improvement

We have developed a wide range of environmentally sound product concepts and designs. Supported by our tools we start product improvement where the environmental hot spots. In addition we are working on the design of sustainable product service systems. As an example, in the ongoing sustainblySMART project we are developing business models which enable principles like reuse and remanufacturing for smartphones and its components.

For detailed information or inquiries please contact DI Sebastian Glaser.


Ongoing research projects


Completed research projects

Smart Zero Waste Dispenser (2019-2020)

Goal: Developing a dispenser system for grocery businesses 

sustainablySMART - Enhanced Lifecycles through Advanced Re-design, Reliability, Reuse and Remanufacturing (since 2015)

Goal: Improving the reuseability, recyclability, repairability and remanufacturing potential of smart mobile devices (smart phones, tablets and Voice recorders)

Energy services for injection moulding machines (2010-2014)

Goal: Utilising the waste heat from industrial injection moulding machines

Green Pipe - Utilisation of the exhaust heat from the pipe extrusion process (2008-2010)

Goal: Minimising the environmental effects from the pipe extrusion process

Sustainable development of cranes (2007-2008)

Goal: Improving the environmental profile of cranes

Strategies for product services (2006-2007)

Goal: Identifying the crucial factors of success and potential barriers for establishing product services

Green Line - strategies for environmentally improved railway vehicles (2004-2007)

Goal: Improving the environmental profile of railway vehicles