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Title: Development of the teaching programm "Waste prevention through sustainable building products" and its integration in austrian polytechnic schools

Abstract: Within the project "AbBau" training materials for polytechnic schools adressing sustainable product development in the building sector are being developed. The aim is to is to integrate the materials in classes in the medium-term and within the schools' curricula in the long-term. In the first year of the two-year project the status quo of the teaching contents are being analysed, forming the basis for the development of the modularly structured materials. In the second year the contents will be tested within the schools, evaluated and adapted according to feedback.

Duration: 08/2017 - 07/2019

Funding: VKS Verpackungskoordinierungsstelle gemeinnützige GmbH

Partner: Austrain Institute of Ecology

Contact: Dr. Rainer Pamminger