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The research group ECODESIGN

As a research group of the department for engineering design and product development we have been working in the field of ECODESIGN in a national and international context since 1996. The main focus of our work lies in the development of ECODESIGN tools (see QUICK LINKS on the right side) and their implementation in cooperation with companies. Additionaly we provide academic teaching and workshops related to ECODESIGN.

Our research interests range from raising awareness, the development of environmental assessment methods, product improvements to environmental communication methods.

The long standing project experience and the established contacts to various project partners enable us to participate in various national and international funding programs. In addition to our Team we have a pool of motivated students interested in researching ECODESIGN questions within the scope of a diploma or PhD thesis.


Dienstag, 2022-03-22

Unser Innovationsnetzwerk zu kreislauffähigen Bauprodukten hat begonnen

Wir freuen uns über die Förderung unseres Innovationsnetzwerks circular_design BAU, zu dem wir schon bald österreichische Bauunternehmen begrüßen dürfen. Ziel ist, Kompetenzen zum Thema kreislauffähige Bauprodukte und -Geschäftsmodelle aufzubauen. Mehr

Dienstag, 2021-12-14

Innovationsnetzwerk "Funktionsfassade" hat gestartet!

Am 30.11. hat das Kick-off Meeting für das Innovationsnetzwerk "Funktionsfassade" gestartet - mit dabei sind KMUs, große Unternehmen und (universitäre) Forschungseinrichtungen. Die Mission: Zukunftstechnologien für nachhaltige Gebäudehüllen entwickeln! Mehr

Donnerstag, 2021-09-16

Neues Qualifizierungsprojekt für Unternehmen geplant - circular design_BAU - save the date 05.10.2021!

Die Forschungsgruppe Ecodesign plant eine neue Schulungsmaßnahme zu kreislaufoptimierten Baukomponenten und Geschäftsmodellen. Eine Info-Veranstaltung für interessierte Unternehmen findet am 05. Oktober 2021 statt! Mehr

Current research projects

IDEA - Innovationscamp circular_design BAU (2022)

Goal: Capacity building for Austrian construction companies in the area of circular products and business models 

DUKE - Decarbonised companies through circular economy (2021-2022)

Goal: Creating a knowledge basis to reduce GHG-emissions in the production of goods effectively



4E Power Electronic Conversion Technology Annex PECTA Task B  (since 2020)

Goal: Analysis of environmental impacts of specific reference products with wide bandgap semiconductors compared to conventional Si-based semiconductor products

Current courses

307.438 Engineering Design and Development of New Products

Subject of the course: Starting with clarifying the tasks, developing the functional structure to concept design and detailed design the different stages of product development are presented in this exercise. The focus is on the early stages of product development.

307.439 Product Development, Innovation and Ecodesign

Subject of the course: Using examples from industry the application of the methods and techniques will be demonstrated. Additionally real product developments tasks aiming at new solutions for a given problem have to be solved during that course.