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The research area ECODESIGN

As one of seven research groups of the department for engineering design and logistics engineering we have been working in the field of ECODESIGN in a national and international context since 1996. The main focus of our work lies in the development of ECODESIGN tools (see QUICK LINKS on the right side) and their implementation in cooperation with companies. Additionaly we provide academic teaching and workshops related to ECODESIGN.

Our research interests range from raising awareness, the development of environmental assessment methods, product improvements to environmental communication methods.

The long standing project experience and the established contacts to various project partners enable us to participate in various national and international funding programs. In addition to our Team we have a pool of motivated students interested in researching ECODESIGN questions within the scope of a diploma or PhD thesis.


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Current research projects

CircularStart - Circular Start into Business (since 2019)

Goal: Support incubators and consultants to integrate in sustainability aspects in their trainings for start-ups

Smart Zero Waste Dispenser (since 2019)

Goal: Developing a dispenser system for grocery businesses 

Adaptation of the KATCH_e Webtools (since 2019)

Goal: Methodological and content-related Adaptation of the KATCH_e Webtools to meet the needs of the packaging sector

KATCH_e - Knowledge Alliance on product-service development towards a Circular Economy and sustainability in higher education (since 2017)

Goal: Development of training materials for the development of product-service-systems based on the model of a Circular Economy

sustainablySMART - Enhanced Lifecycles through Advanced Re-design, Reliability, Reuse and Remanufacturing (since 2015)

Goal: Improving the reuseability, recyclability, repairability and remanufacturing potential of smart mobile devices

AbBau - Waste prevention through sustainable building products (since 2017)

Goal: Development and Integration of training materials for polytechnic schools

Current courses


Aims of the course: An introduction to a problem solving concept regarding the integration of "environment"into product development will be given in this lecture. Starting form analysis ("where is the environmental problem of the product?") to synthesis ("how to improve a certain product?") a practical way of doing ECODESIGN will be shown.