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Tools and Services

Completed Projects

ECOIn - Logisticconcept for organic waste

Establishing a logistics concept for an efficient collection of biogenous waste as input for energetic use in biogas plants. The basic organizational and technical conditions along with possible obstacles and critical success factors are investigated.

Partner: Spirit Design Consulting & Services GmbH

Financial support: FFG (Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft), BMVIT (Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie)

Contact: DI Maria Huber (huber@ecodesign.at)


On the one hand the aim of the project is the installation and the introduction of an information platform for sustainable products with a democratic mechanism of voting and on the other hand the development of guidelines for an easy evaluation of products by consumers. With the creation of a knowledge base about the impacts of the consumption it shall be possible to include the consideration of sustainablity in purchase decisions for products of daily use.

Financial support: BMVIT (Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie)

Contact: Dr. Peter Judmaier (judmaier@ecodesign.at)

Sustainable Living Game (SuLi)

Development of a concept and method for the required data for an Ecodesign learning game. The intended use of this game is in schools and youth organisations for disseminating basis knowledge of sustainable product development to support green consumption.

Partner: Institut für Gestaltungs- u. Wirtschaftsforschung, GP designpartners, "dieumweltberatung" NÖ u. Wien, Umweltdachverband, Institut f. Bildungswissenschaften, Bundesgymnasium Wien XXII

Financial support: BM:BWK - Abteilung VI/4 Umweltsystemwissenschaften, Forschungs- und Bildungskooperationen, BMVIT (Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie), FFG (Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft)

Contact: Dr. Peter Judmaier (judmaier@ecodesign.at)

ECODESIGN-Toolbox for Green Product Concepts - Entwicklung von Werkzeugen zur nachhaltigen Produktentwicklung

Goal of the project is the development of a method for sustainable product design in close cooperation with industrial partners. Innovative product concepts will be developed in cooperation with industry with respect to the production processes. The ECODESIGN Toolbox for Green Product Concepts a six step process guideline will be developed (01/2006-07/2007).

Partner: Profactor Produktionsforschungs GmbH, Kerp Consulting GmbH, ABATEC Electronic AG, Philips Austria, ENGEL Austria GmbH

Financial support: Austrian Research Promotion Agency and the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology)

Contact: DI Maria Huber (huber@ecodesign.at)

PSS Strategies - development and implementation of strategies for sector specific sustainable product-servicesystems-innovation

Based on a previous project it is intended to develop and implement strategies for sector specific sustainable product-servicesystems-innovations along product-chains in workshops with companies and other actors involved. Focus will be placed on implementation and possible restricting factors (01/2006-12/2007).

Partner: Sustainable Europe Research Institute (SERI), Institut für Ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung (IÖW), Joanneum Research GmbH

Financial support: Austrian Research Promotion Agency and the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology)

Contact: DI Rainer Pamminger (pamminger@ecodesign.at)

ECODESIGN - an innovative path towards sustainable development

The aim of the project is to improve and enrich the curriculum of engineering courses, especially those of Industrial Design and Environmental Engineering. The partner institutions implement four modules of ecodesign in their engineering curricula: Ecodesign Fundamentals, Embedding Ecodesign in Product Design, Life Cycle Assessment, Product Recycling Technologies (10/2005- 10/2007).

Partner: Transilvania University of Brasov (RO), Brighton University (UK), Technological Educational Institution of Athens (GR), Technological University of Tallin (EE), University of Bacau and Petru Maior University of Targu Mures (both RO)

Financial support: EU Programm Sokrates

Contact: DI Rainer Pamminger (pamminger@ecodesign.at)

Green Line - Strategies for environmentally improved railway vehicles

Goal of the project is the development a concept for an environmental friendly designed rail vehicle for the future. The concept will be accomplished in scope of research cooperation with Siemens Transportation Sytems GmbH & CoKG. Within the scope of the project a life cycle assessment according to ISO 14040 has been carried out (10/2005- 10/2007).

financial support: Siemens Transportation Systems GmbH & CoKG

Contact: DI Struckl M. Walter (struckl@ecodesign.at)

ECODESIGN Informationsknoten

The Austrian ECODESIGN Information platform under www.ecodesign.at is running since 1996 operated by the ECODESIGN Team at the Vienna University of Technology. The principle idea was to collect all interesting information and links about ECODESIGN and make it accessible.

financial support: Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology

Kontaktperson: Dr. Peter Judmaier (judmaier@ecodesign.at)

ECODESIGN University Course

Since 2004 a one-semester, postgraduate university course for Sustainable Product Development / ECODESIGN has been offered. This course is based on eLearning and operated at the Vienna University of Technology (www.ecodesign.at/ulg). The course helps developing products with better environmental performance and aids with implementing into practice. The combination of online and presence lessons creates a vivid learning environment and offers a maximum of flexibility in time and space.

Partner: Schweizerisches Institut for Systems Engineering, Institut für Materialwissenschaften und Werkstoffkunde, TU Wien

Financial support: European Sozialfond (ESF) and BM:BWK

Contact: Dr. Peter Judmaier (judmaier@ecodesign.at)

Investigation of Product-Service-Systems

The project aims at strengthening the market for sustainable Product-Service-Systems (PSS) by clearly identifiying success factors and hindrances and furthermore giving strategic recommendations (for stakeholders) on the basis of best-practics examples (03/2003-06/2005).

Partner: Sustainable Europe Research Institute (SERI), Institut für ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung (IÖW), Joanneum Research GmbH

Financial support: Austrian Research Promotion Agency and the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and TechnologyTechnologie)

Contact: DI Rainer Pamminger (pamminger@ecodesign.at)

Large diameter timber - optimized and sustainable use of Austrian large dimensioned softwood

This project is aiming at increasing the competitiveness of large dimensioned wood on the market. In order to develop value added products in efficient processes the main objective is to clearly identify the special raw material properties of large dimensioned wood by using innovative technology for testing, measurement and modelling. Based on this innovative and property-optimised processing methods innovative products can be developed. The results of the project are presented to a wider range of users at www.starkholz.at (01/2006-12/2007).

Partner:Institut für Holzforschung, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien; Institut für Stahlbau, Holzbau und Flächentragwerke / LIGNUM Research TU Graz, Holzcluster Steiermark GmbH Hauptverband der Land- und Forstwirtschaftsbetriebe Österreichs, Sägewerk Schaffer, Forst- und Waldverbände

Financial support: Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and TechnologyTechnologie)

Contact: DI Maria Huber (huber@ecodesign.at)


In order to facilitate enterprises to fulfill the EU directive for the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS) and the directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) a practical tool has been created. In which first information over the frameworks of the directives are mentioned and target group, validity and deadlines for reports are given. The EEE-PILOT helps product developers to find suitable strategies and measures in order to improve its product in such a way that it corresponds to the requirements of the WEEE and the RoHS directive (10/2004- 10/2005).

Partner: Kompetenzzentrum für Elektronik und Umwelt

Financial support: BMWA (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit)

Contact: DI Rainer Pamminger (pamminger@ecodesign.at)


The ECODESIGN PILOT is a software tool for identifiying and applying ECODESIGN measures to your product. PILOT signifies Product Innovation Learning and Optimization Tool. The PILOT is mainly designed for the application in the topic of product development and improvement. It is also used as a general ECODESIGN knowledge base and for continuous staff training. The PILOT is at the moment in six languages available: German, English, Spanish, Danish, Italian and French. More languages are currently in translation. Special versions of the PILOT have been developed to meet the specific requirements of companies: Siemens Transportation, Steelcase, Hyundai and Fischer Ski (2001- until now).

Financial support: Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour

Contact: DI Hessam Ostad (osted@ecodesign.at)


The Assistent, the auxiliary programm of the ECODESIGN PILOT, helps characterising your product for improvement. Through the so-called product type essential environmental aspects of your product are identified and the best suited ECODESIGN strategies for your product improvement proposed (01/2003- 05/2004).

Financial support: Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology

Contact: DI Hessam Ostad (ostad@ecodesign.at)

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