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Products and Services

As a part of the product development process, ECODESIGN directly influences the whole life cycle of products. It therefore is an integral instrument for combating climate change. Currently, we "use" much more environment (energy and resources) than available. Especially products with high sales figures can have a substantial impact regarding their environmental footprint.

ECODESIGN products and services are flexible, reliable, durable, adaptable, modular, degradable and reusable. In addition to proving economical reasonability and social compatibility, these products represent an ecological necessity. Products are omnipresent - we are using them daily. As outcome of this you can imagine the big influence and responsible position a product manager, product developer, designer,... has.

Following the links below, you can find examples of innovative ECODESIGN products and services.

Additional Information

The German Federal Ecodesign Award yearly honours the categories product, service, concept and young talent.

The website ecodesign-beispiele.at offers a wide range of innovative product and service examples from various categories. The site serves as a consumer information database and a business communication platform respectively.